We are so excited to connect with you that we created this FAQ so you can clear any questions. Here you will find necessary information on travel, accommodation options, Venao surroundings, safety and medical tips as well as a list of what to bring. Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the information. Help us maintain a good reputation by following all rules and picking up any stray garbage so we make sure we LEAVE NO TRACE and keep the magic happening for many years to come.


What is Sonica Venao?

Sonica Venao is a music and art gathering, focused on human connection through a playground for encounters, dancers, creators, passion and just pure fun seekers. We strive for transcendent connection in the many ways. Together, through time and interaction, we build a family and an alternative reality.

What are the Sonica dates?

Sonica Venao Festival will take place from the 20 - 29th of March 2020.

Where does Sonica hold place?

Playa Venao is uniquely located on one of the most beautiful beaches of Panama, 30 km from Pedasí in the Province of Los Santos. It is a 5 hour and a half drive from Panama city. It is a dreamy destination for surfers, nature and music lovers.

It's a 9 day event. What is the best part of the event? Help me decided when should I arrive!

For a memorable experience we strongly recommend you come for the Full ride 9 day journey. If you have time constraints and can only come for a Half ride (5 day journey), similar activities will be part of both the first and second half rides.

What is the program for the 9 days?

There will be a combination of spiritual, artistic and musical lineup with main events ocurring during day and night time for the entirety of the journey, surrounded by nature activities like surf and SUP and an incredible culinary experience that will meet all your sensory needs to feel the true magic of Sonica in Venao. Mind blowing visual mapping, art installations, meditations, sound healings, hippie market, delicious food and much more...joins us!

Is Sonica a family friendly event? Are dogs allowed?

Venao definitley welcomes dogs and families to the beach and surroundings but entrance to the events for Sonica is limited to adults without the permission of dogs. Please plan accordingly if you are considering a family trip.


Who can I contact if I want to volunteer?

You can submit a volunteer form here: Volunteer Form

Who can I contact if I want to create an art?

You can submit artist form here: Artist Form

My aplication wasn't accepted. Will there still be a way for me to contribute?

There are always ways to contribute and collaborate! Explore – if you are meant to share a certain gift, the chance to express it will make itself available! Please be sure that you have purchased your ticket before arriving.


How/Where can I get tickets?

You can only purchase your ticket on the official website. Everyone attending the festival needs to purchase an entrance ticket for access to the events. If you don´t see tickets on sale, it means you need to wait for the next active tier. Purchase of tickets will be available through walk in option at the reception of El Sitio but method of payment for direct purchase will be cash only.

What type of ticket are on sale?

We have 3 types of tickets: Full Ride, First Half ride, Seconf Half ride. The Full ride will cover your entrance to the festival for the entire 9 days and all its activities. This option will let you live the complete journey as it has been designed to immerse yourself in the experience. If you cannot commit to the 9 days, we are providing with Half ride options that will be the first 5 days (March 20-25 until sunset) or the last 5 days (March 25-29). Both half ride options will provide similar experiences in activities, so your selection really depends on your time availability.

I have not recieved my ticket after purchasing from the official website. What should I do?

Check all your email addresses and spam. If you can’t locate your ticket two days after purchasing it, please contact: info@sonicavenao.com provide your proof of payment, full name and email address you used to purchase the tickets.

I only want to come for 1-2 days. Can I get a 1Day Pass?

Day tickets are not sold. Sonica Venao is to celebrate trascendent connection of all its members. It’s designed as a 5-9 day experience to be enjoyed to the fullest and create magic together. We encourage all visitors to attend for the full event.

What are the wristbands pick up rules?

It is mandatory that you provide your barcode and ID. Please make sure to have the ticket downloaded on your mobile phone or printed with a readable barcode. You must have your ID with you and your photo ID name must match the attendee name on your ticket. The organization is not responsible for tickets not purchased through us directly. You must wear your wristband at all times during the duration of the event.

Can I re-sell or transfer my ticket?

Trust and Early Bird tickets are not transferable. If you purchased PreSale tickets and need to transfer the name, you must send an email to info@sonicavenao.com no less than 10 days prior to the event with a copy of your ID, ticket barcode, name and ID of new ticket holder. This action will require an approval by email from Sonica Venao in 1-2 business days.

Once at the event, may I leave and re-enter as I please?

Yes, leaving and re-entering is allowed with your corresponding wristband and every time you re-enter you will need to pass through security checkpoint.


How is the weather/How should I pack?

March is summer at it's best in Panama. It's really hot during the day and can be slightly chilly in the night, especially gathering on the Mountain. So... what should your essencials be? * Smiles, hugs and kindness! * Comfortable and light beach clothing. * Costumes that express your true self. * Bathing suit. * Sandals. * Sunblock. * Sunglasses. * Hat. * Insect repellent. * Medicine for allergies or treatments. * Reusable cup or water bottle. * Portable ashtrays. * Cash for restaurants and market Sonica Venao. * Entrance ticket. * Photo ID.

What should I know about sustainability?

BRING YOUR CUP, LEAVE NO TRACE. Be aware that you will be spending these days in natural surroundings and all trash should be picked up and deposited accordingly to leave no trace behind. It is our responsibility to take care of our space.

Am I allowed to bring food and beverages?

External food and beverage is not allowed in the festival. There are different options for food consumptions. Include list of restaurants and bars. To reduce the amount of plastic & glass waste inside our event, we are not permitting ANY outside Alcohol inside of the event. We will enforce bag & person security checks upon entering

Is drinking water available?

Please take note that in Venao, it is safe and possible to drink the tap water. Some venues will provide water drinking stations. Please remember to bring your reusable cup or water bottle to avoid excessive littering. Glass bottles are not allowed. You are able to refill your bottle/ cup with free drinking water. We also encourage our crowd to stay hydrated during the festival.

International travel to Panama City

You must book a flight by air to Panama city, Panama. You will arrive at Tocumen International Airport (PTY) and then get transportation to Playa Venao.

Getting from Panama City to Playa Venao

You have a few options to get here, depending on your appetite for budget, duration, etc. Here’s a list from most to least expensive. Charter helicopter: ~$3000. Door-to-door from Panama City to Playa Venao in ~70 minutes. The most scenic option for sure. The trip will total around $3000-3500 as the prices range [4-seater (R66)] ~$1250/hour, [2-seater] ~$900/hour (you pay 2.5-3 hours for the round-trip flight even if only flying one-way). Charter Helicopter Charter plane: ~$2300. From Albrook Airport (Panama City) to Pedasi Airport in about 35 minutes. The Kodiak can seat about 8 persons + pilot, about 1200 lbs. ~$1300 each way and you need to pay roundtrip even if flying one way. If you need the plane to wait, the extra charge is usually ~$80/hour. From Pedasi, you will need either a hotel shuttle for pickup, rent a car in Pedasi, or hire a taxi. Charter Plane Taxi/Private Car: Ranges $200-$300 one way from Panama City to Venao. The drive is about 5.5 hours. Commercial flight to Chitre: ~$150 Round trip per person then take a taxi ($45-60) or connect on minibuses. See below for airlines website. Air Panama Car Rental: ~$50. You can rent a car in Panama City for as low as ~$25/day. There are many car rental options close to the airport and in Panama City. It is a beautiful, safe and simple drive through Panama´s countryside to arrive directly to Playa Venao. Shuttle: $40 one-way, runs M-W-F (from Venao), T-Th-Sa (to Venao) leaving early in the morning. See below for shuttle websites. Venao Tours Beach Break Drive: $20-$40 for a tank of gas. If you own a car, drive! You use about 3/4 tank for the round-trip. Bus: You must take a taxi to Albrook Bus Terminal in Panama City. There are hourly buses to either Chitre or Las Tablas for $10. From Chitre/LT you can catch a taxi ($45-50 from Chitre, ~$35-40 from LT) or connect to a minibus ($5)

Is there an ATM on Venao? Are you acepting cash? What is the local currency?

There is no ATM machine in Venao. The closest one is located in Pedasí (20 miles). Please make sure to bring cash for expenditures in markets or restaurants that do not accept credit cards. Local currency in Panama is US dollars.

Where is the closest hospital/pharmacy/bank?

You can find bank, pharmacy and hospital options in Pedasí Banks: Banco Nacional and Caja de Ahorros Pharmacy: Farmacia Edith - (507) 995-2549 Hospital: Pedasi Hospital

Is there any supermarkets nearby?

Playa Venao has a Mini Market where you can find things for basic needs. You can find other more diverse options in Pedasí. We suggest you bring any special items directly from home, Panama city or Chitré.

Where can I stay?

Playa Venao is a very intimate place and accommodation options are limited by 800 sleeping beds. Alert !!! - Booking.com and ALL other booking engines, will appear as "SOLDOUT".
Accommodations during Sonica Venao dates are only available by DIRECT booking with the hotels. Below we'll provide you a link with different accommodation options. WHERE TO STAY


Is there risk of dengue in Playa Venao?

Panama has confirmed recent cases of Dengue. However, Playa Venao is not on the list of most affected areas. Furthermore, the festival Sonica Venao takes place during dry season (March) whereas peak transmission is during the rainy season, usually from May to December. Further information about dengue and how to prevent: Panama General Health Risks: Dengue

Is the area secured?

All event venues will have security check points in all entrances as well as security throughout the events taking place to assure your weel being and safety at all times. Please make sure to report any strange or disturbing behavior so the Sonica staff can deal with any situation as required. Take normal safety precautions at all times with your personal items to avoid any unpleasant experiences.

Will there be medical services?

We will have First Aid services available in case of an emergency, and 20 miles away you can find Pedasi Hospital. Please remember to bring any medication you might need during your stay.