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Are you feeling the gap left by the magic of Sonica Venao  Join Radio Venao Gathering in November!  4 days of music, from Sunset to Sunrise, international music producers joining forces with local talent to share with you the finest electronic sounds. 
What else to expect? Dance barefoot on the sand, swing towards the sky, ride the waves, make friends for life!




Take your time and Roam these captured moments. 
Pause, observe, try to sense the Sonica feelings of those you see and you will feel it too. Reflect these feelings and they will light your way.

What is Sonica ? Well... we planned it to be a great music gathering. 

We invited great talents, we visioned and built to the best of our abilities, we gave it lots of love and attention and hoped it will be good...And... it took an unexpected, wonderful twist -> a spark ignited a fire of relationships, fueled by intentions of all who participated and wrapped in passion of all - artists, professionals, volunteers and of course us dancers - one united family.

For a few days, we all felt this endless energy created by unity by trust, by a consensus to enjoy to participate to share to hug, to kiss, to love ,  to protect, to do good.... for that brief moment, every  person’s intentions was aimed at one goal and one goal only - be the best he can to those around him and those around did the same! And we felt - we became One

That feeling sent a Supersonic wave, that rattled our souls 
and gave hope and knowledge we can coexist and protect the most sacred of all - LIFE.

Did you feel it ?

This is Sonica.